solving problems through user-focused design.

I’m Angelene, a UX Designer currently living in Minneapolis Irvine Chicago Cincinnati. My passion is helping companies connect with their customers in meaningful ways. I create user-focused experiences that result in happier customers, higher sales, and a bigger impact.

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Featured Project - Case Study

Uprising Food Inc. is on a mission to bring Keto-friendly bread to the masses. They teamed up with a local Cincinnati bread icon in order to make a Ketogenic-approved bread that above all, tastes great. The website was launched in March of 2019 and has been a great success.

Uprising Foods Inc. wanted to provide a helpful tool for the “Keto Switcher.” The goals of this tool are to provide value for the customer, gain leads for their Shopify store, and build loyalty among their current customers.

Empathize & Define

User Persona - Keto Switcher


Ideation workshop post it notes

Prototype & Test

HTML prototype for user testing